The Wreckage Of The HMS Aston Martin DBS

We know this has to be as painful for you to look at as it is for us to write about. Footage has surfaced of James Bond's Aston Martin DBS after the Italian police fished it out of Lake Garda. If you recall, the driver of the car lost control while in transit to the set, sending both he and the car plunging into the murky depths, falling to a depth of 150 ft before our anti-hero was able to rouse himself and make his way, frog-like, to the surface. That sounds like some serious James-Bond-like action, but unfortunately, it won't be relegated to the "bloopers" reel as no one was around to record the action. Well, except for this gruesome post-mortem. Oh Aston Martin DBS, you are beautiful, even in death. [CarDomain Blog]


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@Fitty7lax: I'm not convinced he got fired. Look at the facts: He's 29, been with Aston Martin for 5 years, is an engineer, and his current (well, used to be) job for Aston Martin is driving the DBS to and from the set of a James Bond film in Italy. He's obviously doing something right to please upper management, and if this is the first car he's totaled for the company, he's fine. Maybe reprimanded, demoted to "only" driving around the Vantage or something.

As my coworker said: "He's young, an engineer for Aston Martin, and he's driving the DBS for James Bond in Italy? What marketing VP was too busy to take on that cushy assignment?"