James Bond's Aston Martin DBS Swan Dives Into Italian Lake

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It seems the lusty power of the Aston Martin DBS, a rain-soaked night and an over-zealous stunt driver conspired to result in James Bond's car taking a swim in Lake Garda in Italy. According to the Daily Telegraph, a stunt driver for the latest film Quantum of Solace, lost control while bombing along some narrow roads and managed to fly off the road. While the car was a quantum of sogginess, the driver managed to escape a similarly water-soaked fate, but probably decidedly less marketable as a stunt driver. We're thinking it's excusable to lose a car when you're rehearsing or performing a stunt in front of the camera and crew. It's probably less acceptable when you're merely attempting to deliver the car to the set. Even less acceptable is that it's the only car available for filming.