The World According to TTAC: Ten Worst Automobiles, 2007

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Having moved on from a more anatomical reference, The Truth About Cars again names its worst cars for 2007 this week. And it's a split-sweep between GM and Chrysler products. On the Chrysler Sebring:

Its cabin, handling, acceleration, and ride quality (or complete lack thereof) is to driving pleasure what hair shirts are to eczema sufferers.


And on the Hummer H3:

The H2's baby brother is thirstier than Lindsay Lohan fresh out of rehab, slower than continental drift and rougher than Class VI rapids.

Click through to see which others have been damned by clever turn of phrase. [The Truth About Cars]



TTAC did a somewhat scathing review (join the club) on the Red Line and the readers came unglued about how bad the regular ION was (since most of them were apparently unfamiliar with the Red Line). Spewing vitriol about a cheap little hot rod because it doesn't meet some subjective standard of sophistication.

I try not to take it personally but it took me a while to remember I don't give a damn what they think. In their defense, the author sadly professed to actually liking the car against his will.