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One of life's greatest joys (next to farm-fresh eggs and good gin, taken separately) is to poke fun of ugly, ill-considered, badge-engineered or otherwise distressing cars. You might say it's the yin to our gearjeaded, car-lusting yang. Farago picked up that thread in his latest effort on The Truth About Cars: TTAC's Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT), whose acronym virtually guarantees uncomfortable silences around automakers' conference-room deli trays. The rules for nomination are simple: "... a vehicle that was on sale as a new vehicle in the US market between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006; regardless of price, builder, country of origin, production/sales numbers, domestic content or thinly-veiled threats from manufacturers." Other than that, the concept of "worst" is open to interpretation. Go forth, you sick bastards, and name your TWATs.

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