Acronym Schmacronym: The Ten Worst Cars Today on TTAC

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One of life's greatest joys (next to farm-fresh eggs and good gin, taken separately) is to poke fun of ugly, ill-considered, badge-engineered or otherwise distressing cars. You might say it's the yin to our gearjeaded, car-lusting yang. Farago picked up that thread in his latest effort on The Truth About Cars: TTAC's Ten Worst Automobiles Today (TWAT), whose acronym virtually guarantees uncomfortable silences around automakers' conference-room deli trays. The rules for nomination are simple: "... a vehicle that was on sale as a new vehicle in the US market between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006; regardless of price, builder, country of origin, production/sales numbers, domestic content or thinly-veiled threats from manufacturers." Other than that, the concept of "worst" is open to interpretation. Go forth, you sick bastards, and name your TWATs.


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i'd like to post mine, but don't want to go to the effort of posting at TTAC.

In No Particular Order: (model names, might be wrong, but you know what i mean)


Jaguar Taurus: we take a tarus body and motor, and some real wood, and process the hell out of it so that it looks and wears like fake wood. Then charge an extra $20,000. way to go. way to destroy and entire brand ford.


Chevy Minivan - (uplander maybe? equinox?) None of the looks or features of the competitors, but all the price.


Hummer H3 — if you dare to be enough of an asshole to consider and H2, but your financial proclivity doesn't allow you to make that purchase, then you should probably be nicer, at least until you can afford the H2.


Honda Ridgeline - If you're too much of a man to buy a minivan (haha) but not enough of a redneck (haha) to buy an American truck, then buy a Toyota Tundra.


Cadillac Avalanche - If you're too rich (haha) to buy a real truck and too outdoorsy (haha) to buy a luxury car, then buy a luxury car and a used jeep.


Pontiac G5 - GM is not gonna badge engineer anymore, at least until next time.


Lexus 400h - All the smug of a hybrid with a 5% decrease in fuel usage, making it the same as a car, with the same weight and engine of a car. congratulations.


Jeep Compass thing - Just what everyone wants from a jeep: no offroad ability, average highway handling and slightly more space than a normal car.


Chevy Monte Carlo SS. 300+ horsepower, and the only way you could use it to its potential is on an empty strech of I-10. you could blow the doors of a long haul trucker and that family on the way to Disneyland, and they wouldn't even notice or care.