The Wonderful Van Paintings of Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr is an artist who really has a knack for finding a certain quiet beauty in some really commonplace and humble things. Like everyday, unloved vans.

Cyr has painted several series of vehicles, but of his paintings I really love these ones of graffiti'd, rusty American vans. These are the workhorse vans of our cities that we've all seen almost every day of our lives. In a big city, covered in graffiti, they almost become camouflaged and blend into the landscape. Cyr paints these vans free of background, in a clean, straightforward way, all quietly viewed from the side, and that gives them this dignity and presence that I don't think a photograph ever could.


Cyr also does some interesting sculpture work, like this amazing camper bike. I'm not exactly sure if he's actually used it to camp in a real sense, but I hope so. It looks like you'd need to have the Hulk's thighs transplanted to you to really get that thing moving, but it's still a fun idea.

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