One of the great injustices of growing up? Losing the freedom to sleep in a car bed and maintain respectability. Thankfully, places like Stuttgart, Germany's "V8 Hotel" exist, where anyone can sleep in a properly awesome car bed.

We're not talking a rotomolded faux-Ferrari bed so many lucky youngsters get the chance to nap in. The V8 Hotel features real cars, damaged beyond repair and salvaged to be chopped up and used as decor and bed frames. Each room is designed differently with themes including car wash, drive-in movies, Route 66, nostalia, racing etc. It's not just about the rooms either, the lobby is a huge atrium with a large collection of cars and there are cars overlooking the check in desk. The hotel even plays host to vintage drive events. We know where we're staying next time we're in the fatherland. (Hat tip to everyone!)

[V8 Hotel]