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The Upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV Will Have Four-Wheel Drive, Of Course

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Ferrari Purosangue, which is an SUV that the late Sergio Marchionne said he’d rather take a bullet over producing, will probably be large, powerful and expensive. And power will go to all four-wheels, which is par for the course for any premium SUV or crossover these days.


During an investors presentation yesterday, the new Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said that the Purosangue (which I hope will use a different name for production) won’t be available in 2020 as originally promised because he wants it to be “perfect,” according to Motor Authority.

The SUV will ride on the new front mid-engine platform that Ferrari will use for its upcoming GT cars. There will be a newly developed double-clutch transmission in the back of the car and the interior will be “spacious and comfortable.” You can see more of the specifics on this slide from the presentation that Motor Authority was able to snag.


Along with the front mid-engine layout, the automaker is also developing a new mid-engine platform, the outlet reports. They’ll both have hybridized powertrains, but the mid-engine platform will also have four-wheel drive and back seats. Additionally, because the platform itself is modular, Ferrari will be able to alter the wheelbase to suit each upcoming car.

The Purosangue will be the first of 15 (!) new models that Ferrari will introduce by 2022. In addition to the SUV, there will also be a hybrid, mid-engine supercar which will slot above the current 488. The 488 will also be replaced by a hybrid model.

Not much more is known about what will power the SUV, but it could be a V6, as Ferrari is working on one, according to Road & Track. At least it sounds like you can hoon the Purosangue in the snow.