The Trabant Is The Best Third Car You Can Have

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Since finding the perfect all rounder is almost impossible, you need one car for the family, and one for fun. A daily driver and a classic, or a minivan plus a Miata, whatever. But as a third member of the garage, just get a Trabant.


Trabants are getting more and more desirable every year. They used to end up in the 'States by people using them as shock absorbers in containers. Now, you wish there were more around.

Here are the benefits:

  • They are cheap
  • Except for the frame, they don't rust thanks to all that carbon fiber Duroplast.
  • They are very easy to fix
  • They are fun
  • People love them
  • They have significant historical importance

Here are the drawbacks:

  • They stink thanks to that two-stroke running on a mix of oil and petrol
  • Killing pandas
  • Quick demise of power after some surprisingly good acceleration

Still, entering the classic car club has never been easier. And with cut springs and a few stickers, you can justify the gangsta rap resonating all that plastic...

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This Trabant is the best third and fourth car you can have.