How Come Duroplast Didn't Become A Thing While Fiberglass Went Big?

I'm not an expert on composites, but the way I see it, Duroplast was a smarter choice than fiberglass, yet Trabants were the only cars made out of this cotton-based plastic while fiberglass went widestream with the Corvette. » 2/13/15 8:00pm 2/13/15 8:00pm

Here's What Happened When We Hosted A Car Meet In Budapest

Jalopnik's first European car meetup got Mr. Okulski behind the wheel of a heavily tuned Lotus Omega and Mr. Hardigree behind the wheel of a ZAZ, of all things. Here's all the action on video straight from the heart of Budapest. » 1/15/15 10:04am 1/15/15 10:04am

The Trabant Is The World's Greatest Rally Car

If there's one car that epitomizes everything that's great about rally, it is the Trabant. I say this not in spite of the fact that East Germany's pinko commie plastic prank upon the automotive world was noisy, slow and cramped, but because of it. The Trabant is the world's greatest rally car. » 12/04/14 9:15pm 12/04/14 9:15pm

When The Communists Invaded New York City

It's not often you see a Dacia, a Trabant and a Lada together in NYC, but when it happens, it's more surprising than spotting Raph with his Baja doing the Manhattan loop. » 10/28/14 11:50am 10/28/14 11:50am

An Audi A6 TDI Wagon And A Gulf Trabant Racer Is All You'll Ever Need

Think about it! A luxurious family car with a 3.0 V6 diesel that pulls like a locomotive, and a classic race car from communist Germany to keep you entertained on the weekends. A match made in heaven. » 5/26/14 5:00pm 5/26/14 5:00pm

The Trabant Is The Best Third Car You Can Have

Since finding the perfect all rounder is almost impossible, you need one car for the family, and one for fun. A daily driver and a classic, or a minivan plus a Miata, whatever. But as a third member of the garage, just get a Trabant. » 9/23/13 2:53pm 9/23/13 2:53pm

If Jalopnik Ran F1... 1988 Hungarian GP Support Race

Back in 1988, many things were different in F1. McLaren winning was a given, turbo V6s weren't something people moaned about, and the support races were evidently allowed to be a bit more... of the people. Because, you see, the humble Trabant - the car of choice for cash-strapped Hungarians of the time - had its own… » 8/11/13 8:41am 8/11/13 8:41am

The Traburg Is On An East German Mission From God

When it comes to the question of tuning communist cars, creativity quickly becomes the most important quality of the engineering team. Even it that only consists of a few buddies with hammers and beers in their hands. Sure, you can always bring a classic Lada's engine up to 160+ horses with a limited slip… » 2/06/13 5:20pm 2/06/13 5:20pm

The Commies Were Serious About Selling Trabants To The West

In the summer of 2011, I was having a breakfast with my English friends at a posh restaurant on the bank of the Danube, and we started an argument about cars. That wasn't surprising, since after finishing our coffees, we were about to go on short road trip to Etyek, a wine region not far from Budapest. Two cars were… » 1/21/13 12:00pm 1/21/13 12:00pm

Show Us The Weirdest And Best Communist Sports Cars

For some reason, the commies weren't really into sports cars. Maybe driving for something other than to transport political prisoners around seemed like a waste of precious resources. No matter, this didn't stop the engineers of the nationalized factories from creating beautiful machines from the bits and pieces they… » 12/12/12 3:00pm 12/12/12 3:00pm

When Trabants Were Like Ferraris

Think cars and waiting lists and what comes to mind is the months ticking away after the down payment on a 458 Italia—or Horacio Pagani’s little black book. But for communist Eastern Europe’s motoring not-quite-masses, waiting list meant waiting and waiting for your apportioned Trabi. And waiting. But if you didn’t… » 4/11/12 2:30pm 4/11/12 2:30pm

Hungarian photographer documents supercars under Communism

The golden age of supercars were heady days in the West, where there were actual people who could comprehend and buy them. But what was it like to look at the Ferrari 512 and the Lamborghini Countach in a world of planned economies and Trabant futures? An ongoing project explores the automotive dreams of Communist… » 9/30/11 4:00pm 9/30/11 4:00pm

This Ferrari has left the American sector

Now here’s some parallel parking with a heavy political vibe. A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, rendered gray and graceless by the German tuning company Hamann, parked on the East Berlin side of Checkpoint Charlie, the famous fortified hole which used to connect the two sides of Berlin across the Wall. Things have certainly… » 9/09/11 4:30pm 9/09/11 4:30pm

The Army Trabi: Somewhere Between Awesome and Pathetic

Theoretical American invasion of Eastern Europe in three easy steps: 1) Humvee crunches plastic Trabant. 2) Commie soldier unstraps axe from wreckage, charges at Humvee. 3) Swift death. Thank you, America, for never invading while you had the chance. » 10/15/10 3:00pm 10/15/10 3:00pm

Schnell! Trabant 601 Coming Through, Comrades!

Given that East German Trabant shoppers probably had to sit on a 10-year waiting list to buy one of the plastic two-strokers, it doesn't seem sensible to advertise the thing. » 8/01/10 1:00pm 8/01/10 1:00pm