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The Toyota Solara Was A Car That Did Exist

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey, remember when Toyota realized that their Camry was maybe just a wee touch dull, and decided to zazz their lineup with some kind of sporty two-door? No? Well they did, and they made the Solara.

The Solara, possibly the least interesting car of modern times, was a front-drive Camry with a coupe body.


The whole point of a coupe is to be stylish, and the Solara was about as inoffensive and un-stylish as physically possible. Toyota could have made the Solara out of tongue depressors and it would have been more interesting.

The Solara was in production from 1998-2008, but you could really stretch that back to 1994 when it was just called the Camry Coupé.


There is a terrible part of me that wants one of these early 2000s Solaras with the 157 horsepower, variable valve-timing four cylinder, coupled with a five-speed stick. I am not very smart.