If you're looking for famous people with good taste or rich people who can drive, you're not going to find them on this list.

10.) Chris Brown

Would you expect Chris Brown to drive anything other than a Gallardo dressed up as a P-51? Or an Aventador painted like a shoe?

There's the usual tasteless celebrity car mods – matte wrap, way too big wheels, etc. – and there's this.

Suggested By: PatBateman, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

9.) Leonardo DiCaprio


Remember when the Prius was the car du jour for all the smug celebrities living in Hollywod? Blame Leo for that.

Maybe the fuel he saved driving his Prius and Fisker Karma will make up for all the cigarettes he's smoked and the yachting he did during the world cup.

Suggested By: Sn210, Photo Credit: Getty Images

8.) Lindsay Lohan


If you are both a Porsche owner and good friends with Lindsay Lohan, don't let her drive your car. Unless of course you want it to be crashed, in which case throw her the keys.

Suggested By: Titan-E34, Photo Credit: TMZ via Jalopnik

7.) Jesse James


The Ford GT is one of the most beloved cars around these parts, so we don't take kindly to people crashing them. That's why Jesse James of West Coast Choppers infamy has earned his spot here on this list.

Suggested By: damnthisburnershitsux, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

6.) Nick Hogan


Mr. "Pussy Magnet Yellow" himself easily earned himself a spot here for being a spoiled rich kid who unsurprisingly crashed his Supra.

Suggested By: 1994Supra, Photo Credit: Clearwater Police Department via Jalopnik

5.) Paris Hilton


The Lexus LFA is one of the greatest cars Toyota has ever made, with its ten year development, carbon fiber construction, and screaming V10. There's something rather sad about the fact that Paris Hilton owns 1 of the 500 ever made, and it will never be used in the way it was intended.

At least she hasn't crashed it.

Suggested By: Chris_K_F, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

4.) Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber pulls of the double whammy of having utterly ostentatious cars and driving them like a complete jerk, an impressive feat in the world of jerkdom. Seriously, why does anyone like this asshat anymore?

Suggested By: , Photo Credit: StarFeine via YouTube

3.) Will.I.Am


Remember the time Will.I.Am said he started a car company because he wanted to teach kids science and the car that he "designed" was actually just a DeLorean that West Coast Customs beat with an ugly stick? Me too – those were good times

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

2.) Vince Neil


Back in 1984 the Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil killed Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley from the band Hanoi Rocks while driving drunk in his Pantera. You'd think he'd maybe learned his lesson, but nope, he's had not one but two DUIs since.

Think about that next time you hear Kickstart My Heart in a Dodge commercial.

Suggested By: Gamecat235, Photo Credit: Getty Images

1.) Sultan Of Brunei


The Sultan of Brunei is an atrocious dictator of his small country and has one of the most extensive car collections in the world. Most of the cars have never been driven, just wasting away in his vault while the people of Brunei suffer.

Suggested By: Hahayoustupidludditeshutupandgohandcrankyourmodeltalready, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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