All men are born into sin, but some are just better at it than others and let their transgressions against God become transgressions against those who worship the automobile. With thine help, we've collected the ten biggest automotive blasphemies.

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(Photo Credit: 11tsetm1)

10.) Porsche Panamera V6

The Mortal Sin: No matter how fast it is (and it is fast) or how competent around a track (you'd be surprised), the Porsche Panamera's still an ungainly four-door creature. In Turbo trim it's a remarkable sedan, but in V6 trim it's just a really nice Toyota Camry designed for older MILFs and younger accountants.


Suggested by: SpikeJnz

9.) Stephen Ireland's Bentley Continental GTC

The Mortal Sin: The Continental lacks so much integrity as a vehicle and has already suffered some remarkably bad customizations. So to make one worse is a sin against God, humanity, and the memory of W.O. Bentley. Given by Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland to his 24-year-old girlfriend it's, just, we don't have words.


Suggested by: Rawtoast

8.) The Fast And The Furious Franchise

The Mortal Sin: Instead of paying tribute to cars and car culture, the Fast And The Furious franchise continues to make cars that are more parody than homage. The first film created a stirring in the hearts of young enthusiasts, although in a misleading sort of way, but each new film now mostly just creates a stirring in the stomach ahead of a somatic evacuation.


Suggested by: GeeHalen

7.) BMW X6 M

The Mortal Sin: Tarnishing the one good M name by attaching it to a hunchbacked crossover thing and charging $88K for it.


Suggested by: SennaMP4

6.) The Dragon Vette

The Mortal Sin: It's the world's worst custom Corvette. And it blasphemes both Corvettes and dragons. And the guy can't spell "dagron" correctly.


Suggested by: vic06


5.) Poorly Modified Volvo 164

The Mortal Sin: There's nothing wrong with customizing your Volvo, even if it's a classic 164. But there's a line... and you crossed it.

Suggested by: K.Greene21


4.) The Not-So-Beautiful Black Beauty

The Mortal Sin: Destroying possibly 12 real Imperials to sully the legacy of the original Black Beauty with bling and guns and missiles all for a Green Hornet remake that might suck.

Suggested by: BusterBrew


3.) Hello Kitty Anything

The Mortal Sin: Taking the Ferrari name (or any other automaker name) in vain by turning it into a lame cartoon.

Suggested by: IFTNFS


2.) The Painted/Chromed Out DeLorean

The Mortal Sin: It's vanity to think you can improve upon the original stainless steel finish with such awful coloring and cheap chrome touches. It's possible to make a sexy painted DeLorean, but this ain't it.

Suggested by: DMCKoltrane

(Photo Credit: Mid State DMC)


1.) Lotus CEO Dany Bahar

The Mortal Sin: Taking over a company we love despite not liking cars or enjoying talking about cars. He does love fatties, though. He is a chubby chaser. Give him that.


Suggested by: Der Spiegel