The World's Worst Custom Corvette

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Individuals with weak constitutions, young children and pregnant women may want to leave the room. What you're about to see is the single worst custom Corvette in history. We present — the Dragon Vette.

If one were to imagine what hell looks like for Zora Arkus Duntov, the father of the Corvette, in all likelihood it would include driving this car around for eternity. The customized 'vette was spotted in Evansville, Indiana by a forum member over at Corvette Forum and it was soon discovered that the car went from the above red, black and chrome striped vision of bad taste before the owner doubled down on the crazy and produced this:

It's a symphony of awfulness. Every ill-advised, groan-inducing, hack customization is here. Spray painted stripes, taped on chrome trim, Kanji, Harley Davidson headlight visors to accentuate the tail lights, stuck on custom lettering and oh baby that dragon sculpture on the hood. It's breathtaking in its fearless horribleness. Seriously, this reminds us of when we let our kid cousin try and use the Microsoft Paint-like tool on Forza to tart up in-game vehicles — except it's real. It's really, really real.

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We need a stiff drink after this one. Also, did anyone else notice he spelled "DAGRON" wrong? (Thanks for the tip Alex) [Corvette Forum]

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Jonathan Harper

Someone let their 6-year-old decorate their 'Vette.