Some parts just don't match. Like classic American muscle and VTEC. Or E-Types and stance. If you go that way, the fans will crucify you online. And these are the ten best ways to achieve that.

10.) Saab 900 with supercharged 5.0 V8 and RWD

A V8 with a blower lighting up the rear wheels sounds like heaven, unless you're a Saab fanatic who prefers the Scandinavian flick.

Suggested By: Nibbles, Wack with Poo-brain

9.) Datsun 250 GTO


Kevin Barrett:

Take the prettiest Nissan ever made, and dress it up in a knock-off Italian designer dress and some shoes from the clearance rack.

Some say it's okay, but I disagree. This is what you do with a Datsun Z.


Suggested By: William Kane, Photo Credit: Hemmings

8.) Prius Harley


If you want to get back at all those smug and clueless Prius ladies out there, this LeMons car is one way to do it. Middle finger sky high.

Suggested By: ridered777, Photo Credit: Tamerlane's Thoughts


7.) Porsche 944 Beetle


It should be the other way around dude!

But seriously, why would you want to have a Beetle on a Porsche chassis? Blasphemy!

Suggested By: Stef Schrader, Photo Credit: Craiglist


6.) Jerrari


Ridiculous, entertaining, but still wrong on way too many levels.

Suggested By: mallthus

5.) HWA 300SL


Those wheels, really? And AMG V8 instead of the inline-six? G-Wagen steering wheel? No, no, no.

Suggested By: fintail, Photo Credit: HWA


4.) '95 T-Bird with '49 front


Doing everything in order to hide a '95 T-Bird is a good thing. Still...

Suggested By: foxbody, Photo Credit: StreetsideClassics


3.) Toyota GT2000 EV


Somethingwittyer, Doge tamer:

Only 337 produced. Japan's 250 GTO. Toyota themselves decide to shit all over their history and replace the engine the beautifully built straight-six with batteries in this example. If that isn't distasteful I don't know what is.

Bad point for Toyota there.


Suggested By: Somethingwittyer, Doge tamer, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

2.) Won't I AM DeLorean


At least it was illegal in the eyes of the state too!

Suggested By: Somethingwittyer, Doge tamer, Photo Credit: IAMAUTO

1.) F&F Tokyo Drift '68 Mustang Skyline

Steve McQueen would punch you in your face many times over.

Suggested By: Bullitt417 can comment again!


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