Will.I.Am's Extremely Illegal DeLorean Impounded By Police

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Oh, Will.I.Am. Part of us wishes your goal to launch your own car company would result in something awesome instead of something continuously hilarious. But only part of us.

First, you tried to pass off a DeLorean as a new car. Now the police have impounded said car because you drove it without license plates, registration, VIN plates, or anything you'd actually need to drive a car on the street.


This has been going on since at least May.

Parts of the IAMAUTO car, which is clearly just a DeLorean with a strange body on it, were registered only as recently as ten years ago. And those were just the identifiable parts. The rest of the car is unidentifiable.

Will.I.Am apparently told police he just wanted to feel what it was like to drive his concept car on the street, which would be endearing if he couldn't do that but just registering the damn thing like a DeLorean. Because it's a DeLorean.

(Hat tip to SirHalffast!)