Jerrari, When A Ferrari And A Jeep Make A Baby

When Enzo Ferrari turned down Bill Harrah’s request for a 4x4 Ferrari, Harrah did what any wealthy car collector would, thumbed his nose at Maranello and built his own. Taking a 1969 Jeep Wagoneer and mating it with a Ferrari 365 GT, the Jerrari was born. While its original 4.4L V12 is long gone in favor of a far more reliable 350 V8, the weirdly attractive bodywork and handsome interior are still all there. Not only is it in impeccable shape, it’s up for auction on eBay.


Yes indeed, one of the two ever built is going against the block and at the moment of writing, fetching a positively reasonable $8,100. Sure there are over six days left before the winner is declared, and it is out in LA so all those red meat loving, SUV driving wackos will be all over it, but still — Ferrari SUV. Cool. [eBay Listing] (Thanks for the tip mtdrv)



A waste of two perfectly good icons. Like putting Angelina Jolie's face on Arnold Schwarzenegger's body.