The Ten Greatest Daytona 500 Crashes Ever

10.) 2009 Daytona 500 - Was Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s crash intentional?
Was this somewhat aggressive accident by Dale Earnhardt Jr. intentional? We'll let you be the judge.

9.) 1976 Daytona 500 finish
NASCAR Icon Richard Petty was just a lap away from taking home the checkered flag in Daytona during this 1976 season. But second place driver Davie Pearson was going to take every opportunity to beat Petty. This is one of the most spectacular come-from-behind finishes in racing history!

8.) 1982 Daytona 500 - Richard Petty's crash
Turn One can bring just as much disaster as any F1 race. Good case in point: a 1982 Daytona 500 engine blowing and infield smash-up featuring, again, none other than Richard Petty.

7.) 1988 Daytona 500 – Yet another Richard Petty crash
Petty just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble, but when you're a legend attracting attention (both good and bad) it tends to be a yellow flag-worthy hazard. Frankly, he's just lucky he survived this seven-to-eight flip crash!

6.) 1999 Daytona 500 – Bobby Hamilton goes for a spin
Watch as Bobby Hamilton does more than a couple of spins with just 25 laps remaining during the second-to-last Daytona race of the 20th Century.

5.) 2003 Daytona 500 – Ryan Newman flips out
Watch Newman take one heck of a spin out of the 2003 Daytona 500.

4.) 2009 Daytona 500 – Joey Logano goes head-first into a wall
There nothing more frightening than traveling at 200 miles per hour…sideways. Check out this Daytona head-first smash into the wall by Joey Logano.

3.) 2007 Daytona 500 – Best. Daytona finish. Ever.
2007′s Daytona 500 saw a major crash sending cars sideways and upside down sliding across the finish line, along with a picture perfect checkered flag wave. This has to be one of the most insane Daytona finishes ever.

2.) 1960 Daytona 500 - Biggest. Daytona 500 crash. Ever.
An amazing 37 vehicles were taken out of this historic race as a crash causes some of the era's top racers to spin, flip and smash from wall to grass.

1.) 2001 Daytona 500 - Death of the Intimidator
2001′s Daytona 500 was one of the saddest days in modern race history as it saw Dale Earnhardt Sr. die after a crash in turn three near the end of the race. The Intimidator slammed into the wall after making contact with another racer's bumper. Ten year's later, it still gives us the chills.

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Its better down under mate. Lets focus more on the racing than how spectacularly they often crash. I think thats why the red necks watch it? What else could it be? The spectators must be like fish, they watch them go around in a circle and they can't remember what happened on the last lap...