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The Ten Fakest Movie Car Chases Ever Filmed

Prepare yourself for the most over-the-top examples of the film industry's most over-the-top trope: the car chase.


10.) Speed Zone/Cannonball Fever/ Cannonball Run III

They skip a Lamborghini across a lake. That's all you need to know.

Suggested By: pooter220

9.) 200 M.P.H

The award for 'Worst CGI' goes to the final race in this turd.

Suggested By: Chris Limbright

8.) Escape From L.A.

The hero, on a surfboard, races a car and wins.

Suggested By: GreatPower

7.) Smokey and the Bandit

Okay, so there's no way all the jumps and automotive decapitations could actually happen. That's fine. The movie still rules, though.


Suggested By: RichyJ123

6.) Blues Brothers

How come one of the most obviousy fake movie chases is one of the best?

Suggested By: daender, speedmonkey

5.) Speed

Would that all buses could jump like that.

Suggested By: Sportwagons

4.) Fast and the Furious 5

Any F&F movie could be on here (the neverending runway of the last one could just as easily take the spot), but the vault-dragging fifth movie has the most blatant violation of the laws of physics.

Suggested By: Bonhomme7h

3.) Singham

While I recommend watching all of the fan-Bollywood-tastic movie, skip to 2:00 in for one of the crowning moments in impossible automotive cinema.


Suggested By: Daender

2.) Driven

They're not wearing their helmets! Other than that, this entire street race is completely believable.


Suggested By: McMike, Jim Slade, everyone

1.) Alluda Majaka

Everyone knows that India could not be defeated in a completely ridiculously endearingly impossible film competition. I mean, the guy slides a horse.


Suggested By: Daender

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Top Photo Credit: Singham

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How in the WORLD did The Transporter 2 not make it in to this?!

Skip to 1:10 in the video.

And THEN, there was TRANSPORTER 3!!