If it something looks mildly doable with a vehicle on paper, some crazy person will certainly go for it. Here are ten of such lunatics.

10.) Lotus F1 and the flying Renault Magnum

If you can’t win a Formula 1 championship, at least set a sweet world record!

Suggested By: TheStigSpanishCousin

9.) The Wildman’s flying truck

Adrian Cenni will tell you that even your grandma can land on a ramp, but hitting something mid-air and then landing on flat ground is a very different story.


Suggested By: Dusty Ventures

8.) Wall of Death

Did you know this attraction originates from the Coney Island amusement park? It’s come a long way for going around in circles.


Suggested By: tr6rtiger

7.) The skiers strapped to a Bonneville car

What started out as a training exercise soon turned into a world record chasing adventure.


Suggested By: Have Jeep, will travel

6.) Crush Texas

In 1896, William George Crush, general passenger agent of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad thought it would be a great idea if they made a fortune by getting rid of their obsolete locomotives by crashing them into each other in front of an audience.


Three dead, many injured.

Suggested By: HerbertHasCandy

5.) Ken Warby and his 317mph boat

The thing about chasing water speed records is that most racers end up dyeing in their boats at some point.


Yet Ken Warby is 76 years old and his record still stands today.

Suggested By: As Du Volant

4.) Roger Moore’s barrel roll

Jay Milligan’s AMC magic happened so fast that they had to use slow-mo in the movie. But how they got there is quite a story...


Suggested By: Vin

3.) Josh Sheehan’s triple backflip

That’s why you listen to your physics teacher. It might come handy later.

Suggested By: smalleyxb122

2.) Joseph Kittinger’s parachute jump


You may recognize this as the record that Felix Baumgartner broke with Red Bull. You may have forgotten about it. You may have never heard of it. But Baumgartner had the experience and data collected from Kittinger’s jumps.

Kittinger did this back in the late 50’s and early 60’s because the Air Force wanted to know what would happen. Nobody really had any certainty what was going to happen.

To give you an idea of how crazy it really was: On the record setting jump, his glove malfunctioned, his hand swelled to twice its normal size, and he still rode the balloon all the way to the target altitude. And jumped.


He had a balloon, it counts.

Suggested By: DannyCrane

1.) Kenny Powers and his rocket Lincoln

Nobody can beat Kenny “Damn We Spent A Million Dollars On This’ Powers.

Nobody, ever.

Suggested By: TokioBayAquaLine

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