The Ten Biggest Automotive Disappointments Of 2014

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Cars have never been as uniformly powerful or capable as they were in 2014, but this year has been far from perfect.

10.) The 25-Year Import Ban Is Still In Effect


The Federal Government still thinks it's a good idea to crush Land Rovers and Minis and keep some of the best cars in the world away from our shores.

Suggested By: Chevy Sonic The Hedgehog, Photo Credit: AP

9.) Nissan Might ix-Nay The IDx Twins


Of course, we'd hardly need the 25-year import ban to get lifted if we could just buy sweet, simple, awesome rear-drive coupes from the showroom. Nissan made a big huff about these cars last year, then issued some statement about difficult business cases, and then went silent.

Harumph. It might still happen, but we aren't holding our breath.

Suggested By: SherriffTruman, Photo Credit: Nissan

8.) No More Viper Racing


SRT pulled out of motorsports this year, along with Hyundai in the US and Volvo worldwide. Racing needs more cool cars.

Suggested By: bre92ser, Photo Credit: Getty Images

7.) The Beigification Of Subaru


All Subaru really has going for it in its mainstream models is a number of kinda weak-chested engines and standard all-wheel drive. Everything else now fits neatly into the Camry/Sonata mold.

Suggested By: SLA, Photo Credit: Subaru

6.) People Continue To Buy Cars That Aren't The Mazda3


By 2014, I would have thought that everyone buying a small family car would have woken up and bought a Mazda3, but sales of things like the Civic and Corolla remain above zero.

Suggested By: Obruni, Photo Credit: Mazda

5.) Cadillac Wimped Out On A World-Beating Flagship


Yes, they're going to make an S-Class rival (dubbed the CT6) but no, it's not going to look like the heart-wrenchingly wonderful Ciel and other concepts Cadillac has teased us with. Try harder.

Suggested By: justregisteralready, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

4.) States Continue To Fight Direct Auto Sales


Tesla continues to get pushback from a number of states on giving us what we want — the ability to buy cars like we buy everything else nowadays.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: AP

3.) Nissan Commercials

Normally I wouldn't get caught up in bad ads, but these are just. so. bad. They weigh on my soul.


Suggested By: sellphones2493

2.) The 2015 Mustang Didn't Lose The Weight We Thought It Would


For half a decade now the car industry has been telling us the way forward for performance is lower weight to counter downsized engines. As it turns out, they've just made their engines more efficient and continued to keep the weight.

Wonderful car that it is, the new Mustang should have been a couple hundred pounds lighter, but the status quo hasn't yet shifted in the favor of fun and nimble and light.


Suggested By: ConanTheCarBarian, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

1.) Everything Got Recalled


Everything from the Porsche 918 to the lowly Cobalt got recalled this year. We, as a human race, have been building cars for well over a century now. We still can't figure out how to assemble them right?

Suggested By: Auto Guy, Photo Credit: AP

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