The Swastikas Aren't Even The Most Ridiculous Thing About This Nazi Craigslist Corvette

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Normally, when you add swastikas to something, you can be assured that, yes, the most ridiculous, offensive part of that thing will be the swastika. Put a Nazi flag on a cheeseburger? The swastika is the worst part. Get a swastika face tattoo? That’s now the worst thing about you. But this swastika-covered Corvette manages an incredible trick: the most ridiculous thing about it is the price.

The post has since been flagged for removal, but thanks to the miracle of screencapping, it will live forever here:


Yep, some loon in Ohio thought his exposed-liver-brown C3 Corvette that’s covered in swastikas was worth $45,000. That’s only $10,000 less than a brand-new 2016 Corvette, and, for many buyers, $10,000 is a bargain for a full swastika-delete package.


Now, the sparse description on the ad didn’t specifically say the car is Nazi-themed:

81 vette new motor and trans never fired up two carbs tunnel ram and hood scoops. biker project swastika motorcycle theme. tall rear spoiler


It’s just a “biker project swastika motorcycle theme!” Nobody should have any problem with that, right?

See, in case someone, somehow, takes issue with the 15 or so huge swastikas or the American flag with the swastika replacing the field or stars or the many SS-style lightning bolts, you can just calm them down by explaining, calmly, that this is just a biker-project-swastika-motorcycle thing! No biggie! Just friendly biker-project-style swastikas! You know, the kind of swastikas everyone can enjoy!


Also, the strangely amateurishly-painted hood scoop sort of looks like the most disturbing birthday cake you can imagine.


Also worth noting: those wheels. They’re so awful the Earth itself is refusing to make contact with them, hence the jack stands.

Remember, this guy is asking $45,000 for a car with an untested engine and transmission, and one that’s effectively impossible to use in civilized society. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are as a person, it doesn’t matter what you do. When you drive this car, that’s all anyone will ever know about you, ever.


If you had this car, and somehow managed to save a busload of orphans on your way home from your job where you’ve just cracked the solution to nuclear fusion, a byproduct of which is the first effective and viable cancer drug, the manufacture of which produces a runoff that destroys ISIS terrorist cells, everyone would still refer to you as “that dipshit who drives the Nazi Corvette.”

$45,000. Good luck, buddy.