Another day, another Gran Turismo Vision concept, where an automaker debuts a GT6-only concept deemed too crazy to exist in real-life form. This one comes from Subaru, and it's called the Viziv GT Vision Concept. I like it, but I say this: Where's the rally car?

In fact, it kind of looks like several other Gran Turismo Vision concepts we've seen before: low, wide, a racing aero kit, and an advanced imaginary drivetrain. According to Road & Track, this one has a 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer four with 591 horsepower and power sent to all four wheels via three electric motors.

That isn't bad. I'd put that into a WRX.

Speaking of, that's kind of what I wanted more of from this concept: more WRX. More rally car. The images and videos definitely show it on a race track, and while Subaru runs a BRZ in Super GT, they're more known for their dirt-flinging antics.


Where's the rally blue paint, nutty graphics and gold wheels? Where's the off-roading excellence? Where are the spectators mere feet away from death?

It's a solid effort, but it's just not as Subaru as it could be.