If hot hatches still exist in the year 2050, and they're not all driven by robots, I hope they'll look like this: the Volkswagen Golf GTI Gran Turismo Vision Concept, which leaked onto the Internet a little early today.

Our friends at Carscoops got their hands on the concept drawings for Gran Turismo 6's newest hot hatch apparently a little ahead of schedule. Their source was UK mag Auto Express, and that story seems to have been pulled down, so it looks like somebody hit the button too early and drew the ire of VW.

We, however, are free to marvel at the car all we want. Apparently called the GTI Roadster, it looks like a futuristic chopped-top take on a car we all know and love. No word yet on its virtual specs, but it will join the ranks of other GT-exclusive dream cars like the Mercedes-AMG Vision Gran Turismo.

Low, wide, wedge-like and extremely angry, this GTI looks like it will be a real stunner. In the game. Not real life, sadly. Maybe in 2050.


Expect more photos and details when it drops officially, something that should happen fairly soon.