The Story Of A Sexy 911 Created By Porsche's Most Legendary Dealer

In 2011, famed Florida Porsche dealer Brumos Porsche crafted five factory-built special editions designed to honor Hurley Haywood's prolific racing career. They were called the 911 Carrera GTS B59s. Now, three years later, we get to see where they ended up.

This short film from Autocraft Media tells the story of the creation of the B59, and how it echoes both the 911 Haywood won Daytona with in 1973 and the car he closed his career with in 2012.


The film also tracks the owners who ended up with the B59s. These guys added their 911s to existing collections that can best be described as "pornographically amazing," and you get to see them here in the video.

Glad to know these cars ended up in good homes, and that their owners actually seem to drive them too. I'm sure Hurley Haywood would agree that a 911 is meant to be driven.

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