The Speed Racer Trailer: Prepare to Trip Balls

Yesterday we were the first to bring you photos of Speed Racer, and now we're bringing you the trailer. We're going to hold off on making too many claims about this movie until we see it, but the trailer above kind of confirms what the film geeks over at CHUD have been saying about this movie actually being Peyote Racer. We're also going to hold off on explaining the story of Speed Racer to you because we here at Jalopnik don't think our readers are the kind of people that need the complicated plot and intricate character relationships of Speed Racer explained to them.

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It'll be like Transformers: super shitty storyline that takes itself way too seriously, way too much bullshit "character development", and will suck in every regard that a film brings, but will still kick huge amounts of ass and be incredibly fun despite your willingness to admit it.

It's like every Hot Wheels commercial come to life...if Oliver Stone was in the middle of directing Natural Born Killers. Speaking of peyote, of course.

John Goodman? I thought he died or was relegated to random Family Guy jokes.