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[*UPDATE* If you're getting to this post we've got the Speed Racer Trailer, and you should watch it. That is all.] Whatever your opinions of the Wachowski Brothers, it's hard to stop your heart rate from speeding up a little when you see the photos from the new Speed Racer film. The men behind The Matrix have decided to put their skills behind the project, and have brought John Goodman and Christina Ricci along for the ride. Oh yeah, and Chim Chim is going to be there, too.


We've heard mixed sentiments about the film, and we've got sort of high standards for the Speed Racer remake based on inflated memories of how much we loved the show in our youth, but if someone was to make book on whether or not we were going to see this on the biggest screen we could find &mdash we'd take that action. [USA Today]

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