The Sound Of A Screaming F1 Engine Will Fix The Prius 'Silent Killer' Problem

I absolutely hate it when I'm walking around a city, just doing my thing and minding my own business when I turn a corner and BAM! Suddenly, I'm under the wheel of someone's Prius. How was I supposed to know it was there? You can't hear them coming, thanks to their ultra-silent electric mode.

Fortunately, some mad geniuses in Japan have come up with a solution to this problem: mount a speaker on the front of the car that blares the howling sound of a Formula 1 engine at all times.


Not only would this fix the problem of the Prius being a threat to deaf and distracted people, it would also make the Prius about a billion times more awesome. Wouldn't you want a hybrid that sounds like an F1 car? I'm serious — strap this onto the car and give it a stick shift and I'm there. Shut up and take my money, Toyota!

This YouTube clip was posted on the Facebook page of our friends at Motor HEAD, an insanely cool Japanese car blog. Would any of our Japanese-speaking readers care to help out with a translation?

What's your solution to the quiet hybrid problem?

Hat tip to Motor HEAD!

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