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The Secret Message Porsche Left For Honda In A 911 GT3 Test Car

Image Credit: Raphael Orlove
Image Credit: Raphael Orlove

Most everyone knows that automakers buy competitors’ cars to test and take apart to see how they can make their better and faster. But when Porsche caught Honda in the act, they left a sassy little note.


When Acura was developing the NSX in its Ohio plant, it assessed the steering on a Porsche 911 GT3 after buying one just like any other customer would, NSX vehicle dynamics project leader Nick Robinson told Automotive News.

However, after the GT3 was recalled to repair an issue with the connecting rods, Porsche engineers were somehow able to figure out who bought the car after going through the information in its black box.


Robinson recalled that Porsche sent back the GT3 with a message under the engine cover that read: “Good luck Honda from Porsche. See you on the other side.”

(The other side of what? That sounds morbid.)

The photo above was taken near Honda’s R&D facility in Ohio, where they build the NSX. I’d suppose that this is the GT3 that Robinson is talking about, because I’m willing to bet that there probably aren’t many 991.1 911 GT3s in that particular part of the state. It probably wasn’t a hard guess as to who the car belonged to.

I wonder who got to keep the car after testing was done.

Via Road & Track

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