What’s odd is that it’s not like Saleen doesn’t have other, more modern cars to be focusing on; the Saleen S1 (which seems to be a re-worked Artega GT) was first shown in 2017, and just a week or so ago was spotted testing on the track.

You’d think Saleen would want to focus on getting that thing finished and ready for sale, but I guess someone at the factory was sick of looking at a stack of Saleen S7 fenders or something.


The “new” S7 Le Mans uses a significantly excited 7-liter Ford Windsor V8, with twin turbos helping it to reach 1,500 HP, and it’ll make about 1327 pound-feet of torque. Saleen claims it’ll go from 0 to 62 MPH in 2.2 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 298 MPH, but I’m curious if the tires will agree.

It’s not yet clear how many they’re planning to build or how much it’ll be, but, based on the past, I think we can safely answer that with few and not cheap.

So, if you missed your chance to buy a Saleen S7 back in 2000 and then again in 2016, I guess you’re in luck. I’m sure it’ll be a dream to own and you’ll use it to its full abilities and you’ll have no trouble getting it worked on.


(Update 12:07 PM) Direct from Saleen we have clarification: no new S7s will be built in China. A limited number of these “new” S7s were built this year, though, but they were built at Saleen’s facility in Corona, California.