The Saddest Car Configurators On The Internet

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I keep going back configuring to the 2017 Ford GT despite the paucity of options. Why is it fun to configure a car that I can’t afford? It’s more fun, I think, to configure cars I can afford but would never buy. This has led me to build a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer that costs nearly $28,000.


No one would actually pay $28,000 for a new non-EVO Mitsubishi Lancer, even though this one comes with a 5-speed and an engine initially designed by Hyundai back in the second Bush Administration.

LED package? Yes! Chrome? How could you live without it. Interior package? I actually do prefer my cars with interior.

It’s a testament to Mitsubishi that they continue to build cars that would be fine for an America of 15 years ago or a Mogadishu of today and update them with newer features.

Is this the saddest configurator on the web? I bet you can find a sadder one.

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Gary Yogurt

Elio has a video simulation of what their configurator would look like if they had one.