The Saab Camper Is The Ultimate Trollhättan Touristmobile

There was a time when we thought the Honda Element Camper was the ultimate post-Westfalia portable camper. Then we saw the appropriately named Toppola camper shell made for a number of Saab hatchbacks. Starting with the Saab 99 combi coupe, the conversion was quick and involved mostly removing the hatch and dropping in the camper shell. Made by SCANDO, the Toppola was also fitted to later Saabs including the Saab 900, 9000 and 9-3, which looks exceptionally fetching in red with the camper top.


Sadly, the business ended in 2006 and the company is looking for someone else to to take over production. There's one major obstacle to producing new Saab campers going forward: Saab sedans no longer feature hatches. We say transfer the thing over to the new Skoda Superb. (h/t to SLRSpeedShop) [Toppola Official Website]

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