A Honda Element Camper For The Elements

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There's nothing quite like the moment you first see the top pop off of a VW Westfalia for the first time. It's like the world and the roof open up at the same time. For those who want that same experience in a new vehicle, there's the Ursa Minor ECAMPER, which uses the Honda Element instead of a Vanagon. This sharp modification includes a 7' x 4' mattress, low-current LED lighting and panoramic views. It'll set you back $4,300 to camper-ize your Element (a little more if you want it to match the color of your Element). Photos and details below:

The Ursa Minor Vehicles ECAMPER™ is the only Honda Element Camper on the market!

Our conversion adds a pop-top sleeper for two onto any Honda Element® Four Wheel Drive model (2003 through 2008 models with removable skylight). Ready to camp? Simply release the latches, pop it up, and climb up through the former sunroof.

The ECAMPER™ uses the latest in high-performance composites technology to minimize weight and to create a streamlined profile that adds only 5" to the overall height of the vehicle.

Other features include

* Gas spring assisted hinges for quick open and close

* Easy access from inside or outside of vehicle

* Lightweight composite construction

* Low-current interior LED lighting

* Comfortable 2" thick 7' x 4' mattress with washable covers

* Sleek, streamlined profile is quiet

* Tough, breathable, fade and water resistant Sunbrella® fabric

* Panoramic views through zippered screened windows

* Built on Honda reliability & economy

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I'd be more excited by this if I thought the Element could actually GET to the places I want to camp.

When fretting about my desert camping vehicle last year, I decided that the Element (even the AWD one) didn't have the ground clearance I needed, so I settled on throwing Outback Sport springs onto my WRX instead.

I have to pitch a tent the old fashioned way, but at least I don't have to worry about dragging the oilpan on the hump of a rutted dirt road.