The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain — Coincidentally, That's Also Where The Auto Plants Are

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Jeez, can news get any worse for Spain's auto industry? First it was VW's news early this morning about the potential shuttering of their Pamplona plant and now union sources are claiming DaimlerChrysler is looking to cut 750 jobs from their Vitoria and Barcelona plants. The only thing we can think is maybe FIFA's decision to extend Spain's futbol season may have cut into productivity — or maybe Dieter and Wolfgang have both seen too many showings of "My Fair Lady" recently — but that's totally conjecture on our part.


Mercedes plans to cut 750 jobs in Spain - union sources [Forbes via eMercedesBenz]

Brechen! Volkswagen Drops Higher Sales Numbers Like It's Hot, Raus! Sagt Dieter. Mercedes to Snip 8,500 Jobs [internal]

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