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Crazy Wilhem is having a Back-In-Business Blowout! Yes, Maybach is back (sort of) and they've announced pricing: $166,676 (€134,100). That's a steal compared to the previous incarnation of the Maybach, which started around $381,342 (well, $344,000 in 2009 dollars). Holy crap! At these prices, you lose money not buying one!


Damn, I can almost see the hamburg-wearing, bespoke-suited giant inflatable tube man flapping around now, announcing these mind-blowing Maybach deals. I mean, sure, the Maybach is now just a trim level on the Mercedes-Benz S600 instead of an S-class dressed up like its own marque, but still. A deal's a deal.

You know at these low, low prices, Maybachs will be flying off dealer lots, so you better empty out that swear jar and head over to your local Mercedes-Benz dealership TODAY!

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