The Porsche GT3 RS Is The Only Alarm Clock You'll Ever Need

You can only drive a 911 GT3 RS properly on a public road if you manage to wake up earlier than the people who start bloviating on the radio at 6 AM. But Evo’s latest proves that it’s worth doing for the sound alone.

No matter how much horsepower you got, once you hit morning traffic, fun driving is out of the question. With the GT3 RS, Porsche is giving you not only 500 ponies, an unbelievably fast gearbox and 8,800 revs to play with, but pretty much everything their Motorsport division knows about steering feel, mechanical grip and downforce that can be implemented into a road car.


The least you can do is waking up in time to do it justice.

I would be so late from work...

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