The Porsche Carrera GT Was Too Much Car For Tiger Woods

(Images: Porsche/AP, altered by the author)

ESPN’s “Secret History Of Tiger Woods” is a must-read, all about the fascinating real story of a complex person. It also has an anecdote about the famous golfer’s experience with one infamous supercar, the Porsche Carrera GT.

As ESPN senior writer Wright Thompson says about Woods–

“Once he bought a Porsche Carrera GT, similar to the one driven by many celebrities, but one of the first times he got behind the wheel, the powerful car got away from him, spinning off into the grass near his house. He took it back to the dealership.”


Smart move, probably. The car that killed Paul Walker is nothing to be trifled with. In fact, the Carrera GT was too much car for a lot of people.

Jay Leno called it “like driving on ice” after wiping out in one on the Talladega Speedway. Jeremy Clarkson simply said: “I’ve never felt anything like that” while tearing one around the old Top Gear course, going on to call it “one of the fastest and most exciting cars [he’d] ever driven.”

(Image: Top Gear)

As for Woods, you really ought to read the rest of Thompson’s story, even if you don’t care about golf. Woods’ life has been incredible and unique, ESPN really did a great job telling his story so far.


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