The Pink Pig Livery Confirms The Taycan Is A Great Design

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Image: Porsche

Earlier this week, Porsche published a Facebook post about the upcoming Amelia Island Concours event. In the photo post were three Taycans done up in classic Porsche racing liveries, and people could try and connect a certain livery with the racing car that originally wore it. But really, what the post did was strengthen the belief that the Taycan simply looks great, even in pink.


One of the liveries chosen was the classic “Pink Pig” layout, where the German names for good bits of a pig are marked on a pink Porsche. Kotlett, Rüssel, Schinken and so on. Decades after the original 917/20 “Pink Pig” wore that get-up in 1971, Porsche has chosen to revive it, for instance at the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans with great results. And now, a couple years later it’s the Taycan’s turn to put on the pig costume, a tough task to pull off. In the Facebook photo, it works so well I can’t wait for more images to surface.

As for the other two liveries, they commemorate Porsche’s first Le Mans win with the 1970 Kurzheck and the 1973 Daytona-winning Brumos Porsche of Hurley Heywood and Peter Gregg. They’re certainly iconic, but they are not Kotlett.

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Ham it up, Porsche. You’re just going to pig out on the likes and upvotes. Sitting in your ivory tower, Macan bacon. Well, I’m not going to sit back while you swine and dine on this publicity stunt. I’m not going to pork that link. I know I’m busting your chops, but we all know how the sausage is made these days. Oink.