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The Passat Performance Concept Is The Least Exciting Concept Car You’ll See

Illustration for article titled The Passat Performance Concept Is The Least Exciting Concept Car You’ll See

This is the Passat Performance Concept. It looks to us like VW is using the terms "performance" and "concept" very loosely here.


World Car Fans reports that Volkswagen is planning on bringing over a new four cylinder engine to the US to replace their aging five cylinder. Before they do that, they're teasing us with this thing. In spite of having 250 horsepower, it is by far the least exciting concept car we've seen in a long time.

Volkswagen even makes a production version of the Passat, the R-Line, that looks more interesting that this concept car. Naturally, that car isn't bound for the US. Beigekrieg is in full effect, it appears.


VW will be showing it off at the Detroit Auto Show, where I will be personally shaking my head at the sight of it.

Photo Credit: VW

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Oh Noes! Not a 250 HP four cylinder engine in a family sedan!

Wait. BRZ/FR-S/GT-86 has enough HP, but 250 HP Passat is boring?

As someone who was born in the 70's and recalls the vehicles of the late 70's and the entirety of the 80's... a 250 HP 4 is hardly Beigekrieg... and if it is... (insert Professor Farnsworth meme here).

I'm being quite serious here. VW potentially makes the underpinnings for a sleeper, and Jalopnik calls it beige. I sense a disturbance in the force.