The Pagani Huayra Is 4,700 Pieces Of Perfection

There are lots of comparisons to make between the Pagani Zonda and Pagani Huayra. The new car has a lot to live up to in the speed and ridiculousness departments. At first glance, some might still say it looks tame compared to the old Zonda. Once you learn to say and spell it correctly, the Huayra, according to our friends at XCAR, still makes you feel "very, very special."


This new Pagani mostly made of something absurdly called carbotanium, which you just want to keep repeating because it sounds cool. It was meticulously designed to be light and powerful. It's still stunning to look at inside and out, even if it isn't quite as ridiculous as that old Zonda.

Oh, it helps that it has 730 horsepower from a 6.0-liter AMG V12 and weighs roughly as much as a Ford Focus ST and sounds wonderful. Is it a handful on the road? Well, apparently not for a hypercar, but you're going to be careful with a $1 million car that doesn't belong to you, right?

Still, watch the video to see and hear the beautiful Huayra moving fast. You'll be saying "carbotanium" in your sleep. Probably.

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