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There are a few companies out there specializing in Range Rover customization, but Overfinch is probably the most famous one. Their latest car is limited to 100 units and beats Land Rover's own ĂĽber Range Rover by 2 horsepower.

The Overfinch Range Rover Sport starts at ÂŁ87,995 ($150,755), but each car will be built to the buyer's specifications, so that number can climb as high as their ideas will push it.

The 5.0 supercharged V8 gets an ECU digital remap, upgraded supercharger and a new exhaust system, resulting in (an estimated) 552 horsepower, 2 more than in the SVR. That can be important at the country club.

The driver also gets a Bluetooth-controlled 'track mode' button on the key fob (crafted in aerospace-grade aluminum of course) that opens the electronic valves in the exhaust so that those quad outlet pipes can sing the Jaaaag V8 song.


The Range Rover Sport's exterior went through the carbon fiber treatment getting wider, more aggressive air intakes and a bigger diffuser.

LEDs. There's more of them as well.

The standard wheel set is a 21" lightweight forged alloy wheel that minimizes un-sprung weight, but for all those hip hop artist out there who are friends with Lewis Hamilton, 22" and 23" forged and cast alloy wheels are also available.



When it comes to the cabin, there's not much they can't do, so go nuts!