Way back in 1971, the year the first CPU (Intel’s 4004) was born, another milestone in man’s tool-making skills was unveiled: the white panel van with a big-ass engine stuck in the middle. Ladies, and gentlemen, meet the Supervan.

Created to promote Ford Trucks and built by Terry Drury Racing, the Supervan was a pretty simple concept: take a stock Mark I Ford Transit van, yank the V4 or V6 out from under the bonnet, and stick a massive 400 HP V8 from the Ford GT40 in the back. Sure, it’ll be a little harder to fill that back end full of lumber or wedding cakes, but you can deliver that wood and cake a hell of a lot faster.


That video there shows you pretty much all you need to know, so I suggest giving it your full attention, and then consider a new life where you try praying to Supervan instead of the current deity of your choice.

Worth a try, right?


(thanks for reminding me of this, Jesus!)

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