The Original Audi TT Finally Lets You Buy The Car You Always Wanted

How many times have you heard somebody call the Audi TT a hairdresser’s car? Make no mistake, those people are totally wrong and happen to be only rude to this car in front of their buddies. Regular Car Reviews explains why.


Talk about aging well! The first-generation (or 8N you nerd!) TT came out some 17 years ago, yet it still looks cool today. At this point, you might start thinking about how it’s always been just an overpriced Golf in a fancy three-piece suit, but that’s hardly true.

I’m admittedly biased since all TTs were built in Hungary since 1998 and I’ve been to the factory to see how they’re done, but the fact remains that the TTs are made of aluminum instead of steel, which means they are treated very differently on the assembly line that also pukes out A3 sedans and hatchbacks nowadays.

Having said that, the TT’s American history has been littered with recalls and class action lawsuits, so I understand if you’re a bit skeptical about Audi’s first feel good coupe. But history is history, and today, an 8N TT is a cheap used car ready for your coming out.

Winter is coming, I would put snow tires on one.

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