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There’s a new Tesla sedan on the horizon, and even though buyers seem confused about where it slots in the lineup, Tesla clearly wants to put some distance between the new entry level Model 3 and the older but more expensive Model S. The latest step is the company killing off the rear-wheel drive Model S. Will it be missed?


Earlier this year Tesla discontinued the then-base Model S 60, which at the time started at $68,000. Now, Electrek reports, the rear-drive Model S 75 is dead too after this Sunday.


That leaves the cheapest one you can buy at the Model S 75D, which like every Model S and X above it has dual-motor all-wheel drive. Say goodbye to rear-wheel drive Model S mayhem, then. That also means the least expensive Model S available is now $74,500.

The Model 3 is rear-drive, however. And it goes on sale with a 50 kWh battery pack with a range of about 220 miles or a “long-range” 75 kWh pack good for about 310 miles. It makes sense to establish the Model 3 as the cheaper, more basic car, and if you want more luxury and features you have to upgrade to the more expensive Model S.

Of course, some prospective buyers have claimed the company’s reps were pushing them toward spending more on the Model S instead of the 3, but the automaker claims it doesn’t condone that sort of thing. If there’s a market for people who specifically want a rear-drive electric car, we’ll have to wait to see if it shows up in sales of the Model 3.

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