The Only Nürburgring Infographic You'll Ever Need

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It's hard to wrap your head around the size and complexity of the gearhead Mecca, the Nürburgring. Made by the people at Carbuzz UK, this is all the info you need to prepare yourself for your next Bridge-to-Gantry Hajj.

When an English journalist visited the track for its opening race in 1928 he remarked, "it seemed as if a reeling, drunken giant had been sent out to determine the route." If that alone doesn't make you want to get out to the longest permanent racetrack in the world, then this visual breakdown of all of its narrow, twisting, deadly glory will.


The track features something between 73 and 160 turns, depending on how you count them, with just under 1000 feet from its lowest point to its highest. It'll only run you 26 Euros for a single lap and a mere 1,350 Euros to close the whole track down for an hour just for you. These turns are to be treated with respect; something between 3 and 12 people die on the track every year.

Jackie Stewart, so terrified by the brutal realities of the ‘Ring said that "The faster you drive around the ‘Ring the less you know. And maybe that's the best thing to do." If you feel like disregarding Sir Jackie's wise words, check out the full infographic below, which our system keeps smooshing.


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