Kensington H. Blockenheimer's Gymkhana 7, more than any Gymkhana in a long time, had a sense of humor. Only once did things get dark. Real dark.

There's Ken passing the corpse of a be-winged Subaru in the LA river.

Block, for those of you who have only followed Ken since he's been driving Fords, used to be a Subaru guy. His original Gymkhana car was a Crawford-tuned STI and he only left the company once they painfully dropped out of world rally championship competition in '08, slashing their budgets as the economy tanked.


Blocko's modern life seems very happy with the Blue Oval. I wonder if there's some pride in showing his Scoobie roots in his newest vid.

But that's just the one dark moment (be it dark humor or whatever) in Gymkhana 7. What other little references did you spot?

Photo Credit: Hoonigan