According to the Brits at AutoExpress, the Nissan GT-R will start at around 29,000 β€” that's about in line with a top-spec Nissan 350Z roadster. For the money, they say, buyers will get a six-speed manual transmission and four-piston Brembos. Looking upward, a V-spec model will come with six-piston Brembos and a dual-clutch, seven-speed "DSG box" (we're not sure if AE means VW/Audi's DSG manumatic specifically, or if they're using the term generically) for 35,000. At the top of the range is Nissan's anticipated Porsche 911 fighter: The GT-R Evolution, which will include pricey carbon fiber parts to shed unwanted pounds. That model, AE says, will come in at 52,000. Don't bother with direct currency conversions; car prices in the UK don't translate directly. But a $35,000 entry-level GT-R could be a welcome addition to the sports-car landscape in the US, as would a $60,000 twin-turbo GT producing 450 hp. As if that needed saying.

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