Spy Photos: Exclusive Pictures Of The Nissan GT-R!

Much to the chagrin of many an automaking engineer, Jalopnik readers are often quite handy and quick with a camera. Mike Vermeesch and Adam E. are no different. The pair got some up-close-and-personal pictures and video of the new Nissan GT-R doing some cold-weather testing up in Bay City, MI. As you can see from the photo, we can now count Nissan engineers among those caught testing some new sheet metal. We'll have the handycam video up shortly, but for the time being check out the gallery below of Adam and Mike's handy cam work. We're going to let Mike explain the story, then let Adam give you his scoop after the jump:

"I work at a car dealership in Bay City, Michigan...I was waiting for an appointment, and through the windows at my dealership...I seen this car pull into the parking lot at Taco-Bell, and being the car-nut that I am, recognized it immediately. I...walked over the curb to Taco-Bell. In the back corner of the parking lot was the vehicle and it was being jacked up at the rear by several men who were climbing under it. It was apparent that the vehicle had struck something on the road while they were driving it, and they were looking to see what damage there was. I pulled out my camera phone and snapped one quick picture of the front of the car as I walked around it. When I walked past the vehicle I noticed it was right-hand drive, with leather interior, high bolstered seats, and manual transmission. The men started yelling at me in a foreign language and I walked away, back to the dealership. Back at the dealership, I told another co-worker, Adam, told me to grab our digital camera...we headed back and I snapped some quick pictures before I was asked not to take anymore pictures. "You take no more pictures now," the man said as he waved his arms. "This private property." Undeterred, I stood out by the road and took some more pictures"

Adam's side of the story:

"My name is Adam E., and I work at a car dealership in Bay City, MI. Today, as one of my coworkers and I wandered down to Taco Bell to get some food, we saw a Right-hand drive, Nissan GTR Test Car in the parking lot of said Taco Bell. We ran back to the dealership to nab the internet managers camera, and snapped a few photos, and some video on my cell phone, all while being yelled at in bad English to "not take picsha! You no take picsha!! Private property!!", to which my cohort replied "It's on public property!!""


Well done gentlemen.

Spy Photos: Nissan GT-R, Almost; Spy Photos: New Shots of Nissan Skyline GT-R [internal]

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