Spy Photos: Nissan GT-R, Almost

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A couple of Nissan buffs caught sight of what looks to be NIssan's new GT-R coupe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, surrounded by a squad of Japanese engineers on a testing junket. Obviously, they were loading up on microwaved chorizo breakfast burritos and taking a breather from flogging the upcoming twin-turbo burner — to be unveiled in production trim at the Tokyo show later this year — on desert roadways.

Keith (evo4g63) and I were heading down Cerrillos Road when we spotted the silver prototype Nissan Skyline, along with 2 black Armadas turning into an Amigo Mart on the opposite side of the road... As we pulled in, the car was surrounded by roughly 12 Asian guys who were logging information. Hoping that they spoke English, we decided to get down to talk with them about the car. I asked one of the guys what he thought of the car, and you guessed it, he had no idea what I was saying. However, he did manage to whisper a question into my ear, "you know GTR", in which I replied, "heck yes".

Heck yes, indeed.

SPOTTED: Prototype Nissan Skyline GTR, In Santa Fe, NM [Racingsouthwest.com]

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At first I wasn't a big fan of the prototype, but the production model looks good. I loved the R34s and can only ponder how long till I get my hands on this new one.