The Next Land Rover Defender Is Coming To America

Truck lovers, your messiah is coming to America. Get ready to bow down and kneel at the temple of Land Roverdom because the Defender, yes, the Defender, is coming to America in the next generation.

The truck, which officially left the US market in the late 1990s, is basically the holy grail of off road enthusiasts around the world. The Defender has been the rugged utility truck for decades.


Now, there is a chance that the next gen truck that comes to the US will be made a little less hardcore, but we doubt that Land Rover would do something so brash as to alienate the truck's entire fanbase, including us. We'd be a-ok with something like the DC100 Concept on our shores.

We can't wait for it to be here.

UPDATE: Land Rover just told us the original report filed by High Gear Media is false, and while they would like to bring the Defender here, there are "still many hurdles to cross" including safety and other concerns.

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