The New Teaser For Top Gear's 'Lost Episode' Is Here

When the BBC unceremoniously dropped Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, and his two co-presenters quickly followed him out the door, the BBC was left in a bit of a lurch. The trio had already filmed much of the footage for more episodes in the season, but the Beeb had no way to get it on screen. Until now.


Up until this point, what remains of Top Gear resembles what was left of Chappelle’s Show, in a way, after its own iconic host departed before a full season was completed. But we do know that the leftover footage has been slated to air, as the BBC always wanted it to, as did its former hosts.

The only problem is, we had no idea what that remaining episode(s) would look like. And finally, thanks to this promo released by the BBC today, we can finally tell you everything we’ve learned from it:

Not much!

We don’t know who will be hosting, we don’t know what format the episodes will be in, we don’t know how the footage will be presented, we don’t even know how the BBC will address the raging herd of elephants in the room revolving around its current predicament.

We don’t even know when any of this will be airing.

But, in this final episode, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond will wear tuxedos. There will be some sort of SUV race (including a Jeep Cherokee!), the traditional TG staple of the caravan, and Clarkson himself will wear goggles.

Whatever we end up getting, it may just be the last breath of Top Gear as we knew it, before a new one rises from its ashes. Savor it, enjoy it, love it.

Or hate it, either one, really.

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It’s become fashionable to dismiss Top Gear (or what used to be Top Gear) as played out and tired. To a point, although I was never not entertained, I agree that the scripting became just a bit too obvious.

Darned if I didn’t chuckle, though, at the thought of the boys trying to run each other off the road in beat-up SUVs and caravans. And a film involving an MGB and a Fiat Spyder? I’ll get the popcorn.